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  • Computer Workstation Ergonomics Exercises Reduce Stress
    Computer workstation ergonomics exercises reduce stress. Here are some suggestions that are easy to implement: Take breaks.  Computer workstation ergonomics exercises reduce stress are not listed in priorities. The exception is this first one. Take a 3 – 5 minute break every hour.  Simply engage in another activity, even if it’s just to get up and stretch. Changing activities will stimulate your brain. It actually make you more focused and productive when you...
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  • Reflective Questions Relieve Stress
    You can learn how to relieve stress with reflective questions. Simply put, reflective questions relieve stress. The reasons are twofold: (1) Just asking redirects your thinking which, in turn, changes your feelings, and (2) you realize that you have options—that you need not feel like a victim. Reflective questions carry additional attributes aside from relieving stress because they place you in command. That in itself reduces tension, anxiety, and stress. Asking yourself...
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